Monday, 24 November 2014


2014 has not been the year of the blog for us.

Instead it's been the year of being newly engaged and planning a wedding, enjoying new jobs, splashing about on beaches with Travis the dog, seeing New York for the first time, seeing Barcelona and Belgium and other places for the first time, almost giving up dairy (if only cheese weren't so good) and dancing to TLC like it's the '90s. Getting a promotion, making new friends at work, finally getting the hang of Adobe Illustrator, visiting our granny, climbing up big hills to see the views from the top, deciding what we feel about the fate of our country in the Scottish referendum, being bridesmaids at weddings, welcoming new babies into the fold (not ours!) and pretending to be Zoo animals with our nephew, buying our annual pair of winter boots at Topshop, fun stories of all night lock ins and staying at home to bake for charity, discovering a deeper appreciation for beer, going for one drink which leads to way too much Prosecco, family breaks away in countryside cabins, trying new hair styles, going to the gym, not going to the gym, finally giving up Diet Coke (proud), long walks home from work and really lazy Netflix days on the couch, losing a lot of time to the Good Wife. And Scandal. And House of Cards. Obsessing over the plot line of Gone Girl or the latest Wallander book and laughing our butts off at Amy Poehler's memoir (if that's what you call it). Hitting fits of giggles about nothing in particular, seeing Prince play live,watching our city come to life in the best way at the Commonwealth Games and dancing at T in the Park, trying on wedding dresses and choosing bridesmaid dresses and kilts, taking pictures, watching unexpected fireworks displays from Spanish beaches (this happened to us both, in different places), taking in the Enchanted Forrest, remembering to be calm and thankful and stay positive, flying off the handle and saying sorry, family dinners, get togethers with friends, planning trips and deciding where we want to live in the future. 

It's been a good year so far, but we've not been blogging it. We could say it's because we're 'too busy' but that's an excuse and we know it (see Netflix example above). The blog just doesn't feel like us anymore, even though we still do and like and enjoy most of the things we used to blog about. We want to blog again, but we want to do it well and with good reason. We don't want it to feel like a chore and we want it to be something we'd look forward to reading ourselves. So we're taking an official break rather than leave the blog lying unloved for any longer. Once we've had a think about what we want to say with Sisters Don't Share WE'LL BE BACK. And that is an Arnie style warning.

Until then you can find us on Instagram or Twitter. 

P.s. Obviously this means we wont be going to blog related events or launches for a while. Thanks (really, thanks!) for being nice and inviting us. We'll drop you a line when we're up and running again.
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