Thursday, 3 November 2011

Eleanor's Riot: dreamy dresses

Dreamy isn't something I'd normally say in real life (except maybe about like Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - but it really is an apt word to describe the beautiful clothes by the small Scottish label Eleanor's Riot. These dresses turned me into a love struck teenager on sight. 

The collection was launched this year by Edinburgh-based Fi MacKay, who carefully sources unique fabric for bespoke designs, some of which are hand illustrated by her sister Kate, a fine artist.

For a collection inspired by 1960s school girls, ballerinas and fairy tales, the designs are amazingly grown up for such a young label - and with clean lines, high quality fabrics and a penchant for playfulness, there are definitely a few items on my have to have list.

You can currently buy Eleanor's Riot items in Godiva boutique in Edinburgh, or La La Land in Glasgow - but orders can be requested on the website......and I can't decide if it will be the checked or the white dress which ends up on my Christmas list.


  1. Oh, I love 'em! La La Land is in the West End, right? I'll need to go in for a wee nosey xx


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