Wednesday, 7 December 2011

DICO Copenhagen: soul searching and shoes

It all started when I couldn't get excited about any of the boots on the high street - sending me on a (not so) deep and emotional journey of soul searching to find the right pair for me. Naturally I felt lost and incomplete at the thought of facing winter without a 'good' pair of boots. But thankfully I've now found solace at the D.CO Copenhagen website.

Understated and sleek design, nicely crafted leather, wood touches, clean lines. These are all characteristics I now realise I want in a shoe, and D.CO Copenhagen incorporate them nicely into their well crafted collections. I'm now wistfully eyeing up their vast collection of boots, although the appreciation is starting to extend to many other styles too. Including more than one pair of sandals - a statement no Glasgow girl would ever take lightly in December.

But although they're not completely unaffordable (going for about £100-200) I don't think these boots will be gracing my feet until after Christmas - my bank account doesn't seem to want to buy myself presents as much as it wants to for my friends and family. At least this way I've got until January to make a decision on the pair I want most......

Things I don't want to share:
All shoes: D.CO Copenhagen

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  1. Those shoes are so fab! I could imagine myself wearing that gladiator sandals with my chic black dress. I used to wear with my naot shoes but I think those shoes would perfectly fit that dress too.


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