Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lancome x Alber Elbez and Teint Idole Ultra 24h

Oh my goodness, how could I pass this by in Frasers? Previously only available in Selfridges in limited edition, I'd thrown to the side hopes of owning this...which partly explains why it led to a big impulse purchase and rediscovery of a much loved foundation.

Positioned at the door, the Lancome sales assistant quickly noticed my subtle interest. In other words, she thought 'Yipeee' as I ran up and fawned over the beautiful Alber Elbez designs, exclaiming that I needed one in my life that instant. One sale in the bag for Lancome lady.

Then I learned that I'd get a free full size eye make-up remover when I bought any other item. And I really did hesitate at this one, but I have a long standing love for the Lancome eye make-up remover - I used to sneakily use my mum's as a teenager. So there I was in Frasers, helplessly being thrown into nostalgia when I noticed the Teint Idole foundation. Uh oh.

This was the foundation I somehow managed to use all the way through university, scrimping and saving to afford it. How as an 18 year old student I came across it in the first place I can't remember, but I couldn't be without it's full-coverage matt finish and powdery scent. I switched to chemist brands a few years ago when I interned after university and found a few I really liked, so hadn't made a move back to high end...until that moment.

Fast forward, oh I don't know, fifteen minutes and I'm back out on the street, Frasers bag in hand feeling like I don't quite know what happened. In for Bobbi Brown concealer, out with £50 worth of Lancome. It's just a good thing that packaging is super cute and representative of my feelings for the brand's products, eh? 

So if you're thinking of walking past a Lancome counter any time soon, arm yourself with these reviews:

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eye

The first thing to notice about this mascara is the Christmas tree shaped brush, which really does a great job of widening and lifting the outer corners for a pretty, doll-eyed effect. With delicate bristles, the mascara goes on subtly but quickly builds to a full-lashed, spidery effect. It takes a bit of work to get mega volume but the finished result is bewitching; with each individual lash listed and pronounced and wide, fluttering corner lashes to boot. 

The only thing holding this mascara back slightly is, strangely enough,  it's big selling point. That Christmas tree brush is all fair and well for the corners of your lashes on the right eye (or your left, if you're left-handed), but what happens when you switch sides? Let's just say it takes a bit more concentration to neatly mascara my left lashes and leave it at that.

Lancome Hypnose Teint Idole Ultra 24H

So I mentioned this was a big favourite of mine in my uni days, and interestingly the formula has been reworked since I last bought it. When I used the previous Teint Idole it promised 14 hours of coverage, while this one offers a massive 24 hours. Well no one is testing that theory if they value spot-free skin - but it does last a long, long time and there tends to be no need to top up after a full working day or night out, which is all I really ask for in a premium foundation.

The matt finish is still beautiful as ever, but you do need to remember a dab of moisturiser or primer underneath otherwise it can take longer to apply smoothly or show up dry skin. That being said, I have typically dry skin and it sits beautifully (I use Monu moisturising primer underneath) so don't let that put you off. Full coverage and Lancome's standard powdery scent infused and my impluse buying nerves are calmed; I made the right decision.

Lancome Bi-Facil eye make-up remover

The image above gives it away, I've gone through this quickly. And I'll be sad to go back to my normal eye-makeup remover when it runs out - but this would be an expensive habit to keep up even with promotions. Simply shake and sweep, it's that easy to remove even the toughest mascara (and my latest fixation, the non-budging Maybelline Colour Tattooos). It stemmed a number of dupes in it's heyday, but this will always be my favourite for gentle, quick eye-makeup removal with no smudging, no missed-bits and that GREAT Lancome scent.

What beauty packaging has won your heart lately?

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  1. Cute packaging! I always use to have Lancome mascaras but haven't had one for ages, must try them again!


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